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The Seventh Eye is Israel's only independent and investigative magazine devoted entirely to Journalism, the Media, Freedom of Speech and Transparency. Its staff and contributing writers publish exclusive news, views, analysis and investigative reporting on these issues and others on a daily basis.

The Seventh Eye thrives on the support of thousands of individuals from the general public, enabling it to serve as an independent platform for free journalism. This support ensures it operates without ties or commitments to the entities it reports on, maintaining a fearless and unbiased stance.

The Seventh Eye seeks to foster dialogue about journalism, hold the media accountable, and uncover injustices and deceptions, ranging from fraud and covert advertising to discrimination and racism.

The Seventh Eye keeps a close watch on the Israeli journalist, aiming to enhance his public stature, support his quest for honest and unfettered journalism, and equip him with professional skills. However, the Seventh Eye is more than just a professional journal; it is not merely a guild publication.

The Seventh Eye focuses on the relationships between capital, media, and government, the challenges and dangers of private and state ownership of media outlets, and works to uncover hidden interests and misuse of journalistic power.

The Seventh Eye closely monitors the legislation and  regulation directed and enforced at Israel's media and journalism market. This vigilance aims to warn against governmental actions that seek to limit freedom of the press and freedom of expression in Israel.

The Seventh Eye utilizes journalistic tools while also serving as a conduit to the academic world, media research, and related disciplines. This bridge operates in two directions: making materials and research findings accessible to the press community and the general public, while also continuing to develop and maintain a comprehensive database of communication-related content for students and researchers.

In 2023, The Seventh Eye was awarded the Sokolov Prize, Israel's most prestigious journalism award. According to the award committee, "For over thirty years, the Seventh Eye has been a pivotal platform fostering rigorous, critical, and independent discussion of the Israeli media. It has facilitated discussions on its successes and shortcomings, about what is worthy of praise and about what requires profound change.

"Among the many achievements of The Seventh Eye notable mentions include the ongoing documentation of the spread of covert advertising in the Israeli press, the comprehensive coverage of Prime minister Netanyahu's Media trial and the unprecedented investigation of the corruption at Yedioth Ahronoth.

"The Seventh Eye consistently highlights the sometimes unsatisfactory manner in which the Israeli media mediates reality to the public. It unveils the covert maneuvers behind the scenes that influence the content, breadth, and framing of Israeli news coverage, enlightening media consumers."

Press inquiries

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The Seventh Eye has been a pioneer in independent non-profit journalism in Israel since 1996. Today, it is part of the Israeli Independent Journalism Union, alongside Shakuf and The Hottest Place in Hell. Our entire budget relies on reader donations and operates with full transparency. This business model enables us to maintain complete independence and freedom from any affiliations or obligations.

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The Articles

A few examples of The Seventh Eye's work in English can be found here.

The Staff

Editor in chief: Shuki Tausig

Founder and Editor in chief, 1996‒2012: Uzi Benziman

Editor in chief, 2012‒2015: Hanoch Marmari

Staff writers: Oren Persico and Itamar Benzaquen

Language Editor, 2008-2015: Rachel Peretz

The Seventh Eye publishes reports, articles and commentary by contributing writers ‒ journalists, academics and web experts. Our full list of writers can be viewed here (Hebrew).

A Brief History

The Seventh Eye was founded as a hard copy bimonthly journal, by senior Israeli journalists who wished to establish a transparent platform for discussing the issues of their trade. The founding editor, Uzi Benziman, accompanied by Prof. Yaron Ezrahi, formed a crew of senior writers ‒ Nahum Barnea, Carmit Guy and Rafi Mann ‒ who shared The Seventh Eye's pages with young journalists as well as contributing columnists and academics.

The Magazine quickly became the most significant arena for honest and constructive dialogue on the challenges facing the Israeli media ‒ a journal in which journalists evaluate and criticize the media's performance, raise ethical questions, and discuss issues in the Israeli media, as well as publish new facts and groundbreaking original reporting.

In 2008, after 70 print issues, this pioneer of journalistic self-criticism abandoned its printed format and was transformed into a vibrant website. Now an online magazine, The Seventh Eye exposes the inner workings of the media, offers new perspectives on media ethics, and empowers journalists to fulfill their role as watchdogs of Israel's embattled democracy. Its articles are cited frequently in Supreme Court rulings, Knesset position papers and debates, and academic research. The Seventh Eye it is often quoted by the media.

The Seventh Eye also plays a central role in training the next generation of Israeli media professionals. A valuable teaching tool in academic programs in communications, it serves as a resource for faculty and students of journalism, communications, and political science.


The Seventh Eye was founded and funded by The Israeli Democracy Institute, its publisher throughout the years 1996‒2015. Between 2010‒2012 it was partly funded by The College of Management ‒ Academic Studies (COMAS).

On April 1, 2015, control of the website was transferred The Seventh Eye ‒ Independent, Investigative and Free Journalism, an Israeli NGO run by The Seventh Eye staff of writers and editors. As of January 1, 2021, the magazine is operated with a license by Shakuf - for Democracy, an Israeli NGO.